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The opening credits from Deux Ex: Human Revolution are technically and conceptually fucking remarkable. How Eidos Montreal managed provide character insight along with setting the atmosphere for the game perfectly in 131 seconds is just inconceivable. There’s a whole article >here< about the creation of the cinematic interviewing both the game’s director and the director of the title sequence.
"The original concept was a descent from the macroscopic to the microscopic and from the organic to the mechanical, it was all very ambitious. We knew we’d never be able to create all the CG within the tight timeframe and limited budget, so we decided to shoot live elements to help us tell the story."- Paul Furminger, Director of the sequence.

CIA Special Agent William Carter - Expendable Asset.

Concept art for Dead Space 3 by Jens Holdener.


Well my Custom PC is complete… for now… So happy to have finally been able to build my own setup and it all works amazingly. Future Investments in it will be a Custom watercooling loop, a second GTX 780ti and possibly an i7 4970k. I’ll post more screenshots of games running on all 3 monitors.

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All I want to do is play Last Light. Being in Qatar during Ramadan means there’s fucking nothing to do. But every time the game starts it runs beautifully until 5 minutes in the game starts running at 5fps because my laptop gpu decides to hit 93 degrees and everything gets back throttled, and my cpu gets choked it’s incredibly unhelpful… Still better than the unoptimized watch_dogs texture fuckery- even with a 3gb dedicated Vram frame buffer it freezes every 5 seconds to load every fucking texture in the general vicinity before running smoothly again gvrbdkeuhd can’t even drink water in public and it’s 50 degrees here frehuihfvjkfdbjkfd

Cannot fucking wait for this. The fluidity of the gameplay demo was insane, it seems like everything has been streamlined.Kinda makes batman seem like a bit of a psychopath though, running around with a tank right next to civilians… 

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Doesn&#8217;t play well with others.

Doesn’t play well with others.